Data Analytics Future

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I will be turning this Newsletter into an offshoot for software programming engineers with content related to curated material from some of the thought leaders on LinkedIn around this source.


  • Infographics

  • Short curated posts

  • Topics around data science

  • Programming languages

  • Aspects of data engineering

  • Machine learning and AI

  • Companies like Databricks, Snowflake, GitLab, etc…

This Newsletter is still in the concept stage and articles are currently forthcoming.

What I realized is my target audience is software engineering and data engineers, so I want to cater to them in new ways.

Support the channel if this is a topic that interests you, the sections will be re-done according to this new concept.

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I wanted a place to put some Artificial Intelligence definitions, what is, and how-to short articles to complement my A.I. coverage on A.I. Supremacy and A.I. Survey.


Michael is an amateur futurist with 210,000 LinkedIn followers and a 2-time LinkedIn Top Voice. Obsessed with future topics such as A.I, robotics, quantum computing, startups, investing, venture capital, business and technology trends.